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Irancell’s most recent Enterprise Business Solutions at the Smart City Expo

What smart technology did Irancell unveil at the 3rd Smart City exhibition?

It is easy to comprehend the connection between the two elements and the name of each historical time while human beings travel through different historical eras. Man has been through the Paleolithic, the Iron, the Bronze, as well as the Communication eras, up to the Digital and Information era. Each age has seen the development of new tools by human to advance their way of life  and alter how they interact with the environment.

With the development of digital technology, humans have entered a new age in this historical trajectory that, like other eras, is expected to have an impact on how people interact with environment and then how they live on earth. As a result, the development of a smart city—which is only conceivable thanks to the invention of digital tools—marks a new civilisational milestone in the course of human history.

Smart City Expo


Today, no one is about to deny the significance of new technologies in addressing human needs, and the rate of technological advancement with respect to artificial intelligence related fields. A smart city exhibition is held annually in Iran in order for researchers and technology activists to be aware of each other’s most recent scientific accomplishments and create better interaction for growth. The Smart City Expo’s key objective is to empower innovative cities and assist city administrators with making informed decision in order to improve the quality of service in cities.

The third Smart City Expo (2022) will be held in Iran, Tehran-Mossallah from July 3 to 5, this year with the support of the Ministry of Interior (e-Government Development Center, Information Technology and Statistics), Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, presidential innovation and prosperity fund, organizations, unions, associations, and institutions.

This exhibition’s strategy is to build dynamic encounters and to foster unity and synergy on a national and worldwide level. It is the greatest conglomeration of the nation’s top intelligent enterprises. To this end, the Smart City Expo is open to all activists working in the fields of technology, intelligence, knowledge-based enterprises, and startups.

The third Smart City Expo will focus on smart city security, smart governance, smart buildings, energy, smart transportation, smart environment, and smartification of information and communication infrastructure. Other themes include smart economics, smart health, and smart education.

What is Smart City?


But to what does the “smart city” refer? In a smart city, a lot of data is gathered and analyzed using digital tools in order to deliver improved services and make more precise and effective decisions. You might be familiar with how digital technology can be used to improve and boost the organization’s productivity. A smart city’s primary objective is to boost the city’s overall performance. In a smart city, varied information is compiled and then analyzed in order to promote social welfare of residents, enhance their economic condition, minimize urban pollution, and etc. It is then feasible to come up with a decent solution by evaluating this data. Listed below are among many charactiristics of a smart city.

  • A modern technological infrastructure is necessary for a smart city.
  • We will observe environmental innovations in a smart city.
  • Smart cities have clear and forward-thinking development strategies.
  • The public transportation operates with a high degree of planning and efficiency in the smart city.
  • A smart city is self-sustaining and can provide the resources needed for its residents’ daily needs and employment.

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History of smart cities

A smart city concept first emerged in the 1970s. The City of Los Angeles began a significant urban data collection program that inspired the creation of Smart City. Amsterdam is the first place that comes to mind when envisioning a smart city. The virtual digital city, founded in Amsterdam in 1994, was the first place to make the Internet freely accessible to citizens. Since 2000, the development of smart cities has accelerated because of the investment and innovation of technology companies such as Cisco and IBM in the field of smart cities. The first global smart city expo was held in Barcelona in 2011. Since a few years ago, the International Smart City Expo has been conducted annually in Iran. At this event, businesses involved in digital technologies present their services and showcase the newest technology and services that are utilized to create smart cities.


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Planning on a global scale to create smart cities

Many Western nations are developing new smart cities every year, and documents released by numerous nations outline long- and medium-term plans for the digital transformation of both small and major cities. Vietnam, for instance, announced in 2020 the start of a $ 4.2 billion project to create a new smart city close to Hanoi, which is scheduled to be operational by 2028.

According to a report published by Global Data, by the end of 2030, there will be 43 smart cities with a population of more than 10 million people, and by 2070, 70% of the world’s population will reside in smart cities.

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What transpired during the third Smart City Expo?


Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions actively participated in the event with its most recent products and innovative services in the domain of smart cities. The PoC service known as Walkeh, the Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), the intelligent fleet management system (FMS), the Irancell digital services including Dana Plus service, Yelloadwise service, the API exchange digital market called Y’ello Hub, and LBS services are some of the solutions and products presented in this exhibition. We will discuss these in more detail below.

PoC service: Walkeh is Irancell’s next-generation wireless system, which employs the operator’s data network to operate and offers customers the ability to communicate voice, video, text, location information, emergency alerts, and control room dispatcher.

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS): the bandwidth is automatically adjusted in accordance with the quality of the received signal at any given time so that subscribers may always receive the highest-quality image while using the bare minimum of available bandwidth. Because the images are delivered with the greatest quality and the smallest size, adopting Irancell’s integrated video surveillance solution considerably lowers the expenses connected with the transmission of surveillance camera images.


 Smart fleet management service (FMS): is a comprehensive and integrated solution through which all the measurable information of cars can be collected and analyzed. This data helps businesses make better decisions based on real and reliable data

Irancell Enterprise Business ’ digital Services

  • Dana Plus service is a service of Irancell Enterprise Business with the aim of holding conferences, meetings, and online classes. It is simple to use through a browser on smartphones or desktop computers without the need to install any additional software, making it possible for users to host and participate in meetings and conferences, and also offer online lessons to organizations, instructors, and students.
  • Yelloadwise service is one of the Irancell Enterprise Business soulotions that provides various advertising services to startups, digital and non-digital businesses. Following consultation, any company may use Irancell’s media audience capacity to conduct a variety of advertising campaigns, assess audience behavior before and after the campaign, reward audience members who connected with them, and then use these tools to further business objectives.
  • Y’ello Hub service, By providing a safe platform, this as a digital marketplace for web service and API providers and receivers, addresses the requirements of developers and companies in providing and supplying a variety of APIs. The Y’ello Hub platform is built in a two-way fashion based on global standards, that is, in addition to obtaining web services and numerous APIs, developers and companies may make money on Yellowhub by selling their software services and products.

Location-based service (LBS), is an effective marketing tool that makes use of data on a particular geographic location acquired over the mobile network and utilized in a variety of domains, including health, warning, business growth, digital life, etc.

Dr. Shojaan, Head of the Development Center of Electronic Government, Information Technology and Statistics of the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Mojtaba Tawangar, Chairman of the Digital Economy Committee of the Parliament, and Dr. Manouchehr Manteghi, Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade expressed their admiration for Irancell’s products and accomplishments in the field of smart cities while visiting the company’s booth at this event.

At the Smart City Expo held on Monday, July 5th, Mr. Yousefpour, General Manager of Irancell Enterprise Business, spoke about the role of Irancell as a leading operator in attaining organizational objective of a smart city.



By managing resources and cutting expenditures, the creation of a smart city helps citizens avoid wasting their time while also preserving and saving the city’s resources. As a result, by eliminating capital loss, the city will expand and develop. Additionally, because one of the objectives of the smart city is to reduce environmental harm, realizing the full potential of this concept will aid in the preservation of nature for future generations.

Last but not least, Irancell Enterprise Business  put a remarkable emphasis on assisting businesses in their digital transformation and providing them with the most cutting-edge technology. Enterprise solutions provide a set of resources to get buissnesses started on the path to digital transformation, including enterprise mobile service, IoT, smart cities, and cloud infrastructure. You may visit the Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions website for additional details about these products and services or send an email to to get the appropriate assistance and instructions.


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