Success stories on MTN services providing companies with solutions :

Success stories on MTN services providing companies with solutions :

Emdad Khodro SAIPA (PJSC):

Emdad Khodro SAIPA (PJSC) was founded in 2002 to complement the after-sale services of SAIPA Automobile Manufacturing Group and to meet the needs of owners of SAIPA cars for repair services. After revising its mission and vision policies in 2010, a new approach to the issues of repair services and roadside assistance was developed in this company.

With the new approach being developed over the past few years, the company has faced severe challenges in establishing persistent connection with its mobile staff, in addition to its other needs for supervision and quick reporting. The company, therefore, decided to make its reasonable efforts to apply the best solutions for offering to its customers the required car repair services in the fastest possible way so as to meet their needs.

Cooperation with Irancell:

During their negotiations, the solutions offered by Irancell to remove Emdad Khodro SAIPA problems in this regard were warmly welcomed by this company, paving the way for further improvements in the cooperation between the two companies. Using GPRS platform, Emdad Khodro SAIPA transferred the location-based information of its roadside assistance vehicles to the head office and consequently became able to have roadside assistance fleet management and control.

Making use of the MVPN service to establish connection with its mobile staff was among the other results Emdad Khodro SAIPA achieved through its bilateral cooperation with Irancell. Although only some of the features of MVPN service are currently being used by Emdad Khodro SAIPA, features such as applying discount on on-net calls and assigning short codes to each SIM Card have highly improved the company’s connection with its out-of-office staff.

Benefits for Emdad Khodro SAIPA:

Apart from spending lower costs for contacting its out-of-office staff, communicating with them has also been facilitated for Emdad Khodro SAIPA, which is expected to ultimately leave a positive effect on this company’s customer satisfaction.