Bulk SMS




Text messaging is currently one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of advertising and informing that is usually done in one of the following ways:

Send bulk SMS
Send targeted SMS (ECP)

Send bulk SMS

This service is appropriate for informing extensively due to its high capacity in customer support. For using this service, the applicant will connect to irancell’s send message system and send his/her message without any mediator. This service is currently provided through Irancell’s partner companies on the numbers 1000, 2000, 3000, 50001, 50004 and 50009.

Send collaborative bulk SMS system

By using this service, companies and institutions can send SMS and MMS for their contacts to the desired number and purposefully, using a portal which is provided by Irancell. The most important difference between ECP and send bulk message is the ability to make it purposeful. By using this system, Applicants can be classified and selected based on their age, gender, occupation, phone model, phone operating system, charging, and many other features of their contacts. Also, the ability to send SMS with the name of the company name will be helpful in introducing and branding the business.


Features and benefits

Ability to send SMS based on the current position of the SIM card

  • Scheduling messages
  • Instant reports (overall or with details)
  • Interactive text messages (sending and receiving)
  • Sending messages based on the location of SIM card
  • Labeling messages with the name of the company or USSD as sender
  • Categorizing recipients by age, gender, type of phone OS, subscriber’s remaining credit, the type and duration/frequency of phone usage by recipients, etc.
  • Sending customized messages for individuals to notify them of inter-organizational information (such as payrolls)