Unstructured Supplementary Services Data, or simply USSD, is a fast, secure and simple means of communications provided over mobile phone platform by help of which users can gain access to service providers’ menu and receive their desired services. The service requires no special settings or installation on the handset, and can be used by any handset with any operating system.

Irancell’s USSD system is an advanced system with high flexibility for defining various interactive services, which provides the required infrastructure for many organizations to promote the level of their service provision. The main advantage of this service for organizations is that there is no need for any specific programming infrastructures, and organizations can simply create their own service or modify it through a flexible interface which is provided by Irancell in the least time possible.

Another important feature of Irancell Special USSD for service providers is that its cost is calculated based on the capacity of service usage and no extra charges are received from companies. Therefore, each company uses this infrastructure to the extent it needs it and pays for it accordingly. At present, Irancell’s USSD service is offered in three categories of 3, 4 and 5 digit codes, compatible with requirements of organizations as well as medium and small businesses.

The main functions of this system are:

  • Providing various mobile public services such as services related to municipalities, police, post, etc.
  • Providing various e-payment services such as buying airtime, buying tickets, paying bills and fines
  • Providing e-Banking services, such as being informed of the changes of the account, claiming the balance, etc.
  • Providing after-sale services to customers and stakeholders of the company.


Features and benefits

Advantages and features of Irancell’s USSD services for your business are:

  • No need to install software on user’s devices;
  • Compatible with any type of cell phone;
  • Showing all services in one menu and no need for memorizing various codes;
  • The option to respond to Subscriber requests instantly through SMS, MMS, and email;
  • The option to distinctively determine the type of services;
  • The option to customize the services for companies or organizations.