Smart Fleet Management System

Smart Fleet Management System is an integrated, comprehensive solution to collect and analyze all measurable information about motor vehicles. Such information assists businesses to make better decisions based on real-life, reliable data. Irancell Smart Fleet Management System consists of three major subsystems: hardware (sensors), data transfer platform, and management software packages.

System Modules:
  • Driver behavior analysis module
  • Container temperature monitoring and control module
  • Online load weighing module
  • Vehicle repair and maintenance module
  • ECU and CAN Network connection module
  • Mission management module
  • Leased vehicles management module
  • Operation and rescue fleets management module (dispatching)
  • Transportation management module
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    How do I manage fleet’s fuel costs?

    Using the Smart Fleet Management System, you can observe the records and contour of fuel consumption in different periods on charts and diagrams. This way, you can identify refueling places and times or any excessive consumption.

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    How do I demarcate a traffic area for fleet vehicles and track them?

     This system equips each vehicle with a tracking device that transfers location data to the fleet performance management server. You can also demarcate an area for each vehicle within which it is allowed to move; if any vehicle exits this area, a warning signal will be sent to the server.

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    How do I optimize the repair and maintenance process and reduce costs?

    Another feature of this system is the automation of the repair and maintenance process. All of the vehicle’s performance parameters are collected and analyzed, proper repair and maintenance measures are determined, and the costs are estimated. As periodic technical inspections are expensive, time consuming, and are prone to human error, this solution will improve the repair and maintenance process.

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    If an action is brought against my company for dangerous driving on the part of a driver, how do I ascertain the soundness of the claim and determine the driver’s contribution to the damages inflicted?

    The Fleet Management System features driver behavior analysis. The Management and Supervision Center is provided with data about sudden acceleration and abrupt braking, tight turns, high speed, high engine RPM, and other parameters. As a result, damages will be minimized and fuel, repair, and maintenance costs will be reduced.

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    How do I ensure that the cargo/load reaches the destination safely and intact?

    The drive behavior analysis, temperature measurement and management, and online load weighing modules together with the tilt sensor ensure load reaching its destination safe and sound.

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    How do I manage the missions of official vehicles, especially those of help-and-rescue vehicles?

    You can access full information on vehicles and assign missions to them via the dispatching module; you can also supervise the mission progress. Each the software and heads for the mission location.