Comprehensive management of
enterprise SIM cards

Access to platform

My Irancell (Enterprise) is an application with the aim of facilitating the use and management of enterprise SIM cards with considering the needs of organizations and companies. This application allows account managers to control the consumption of SIM cards, bill details, payment, purchase additional packages and receive purchase invoices.

In addition, through this program, it will be possible to easily manage services and special products such as the multi- user APN service account and advanced bill payment.

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Management of enterprise SIM card accounts

The WAP and mobile application of My Irancell (Enterprise) allow all enterprise subscribers to manage their enterprise SIM card accounts.

To use this system, it is necessary for enterprise subscribers to introduce their account managers, because account managemnet is only accessible for them.

To introduce your account manager, send your request to the Email


Dear Customer;

The IOS version of Irancell My Enterprise application is currently not available.

Please refer to the web version.

My Irancell (Enterprise)

  • Show the hierarchy of legal subscribers
  • Show the general account information of legal subscribers (CGA)
  • Show the business account information
  • The information of each account includes:
    • Total number of SIM cards: active, blocked and ready to activate SIM cards
    • Deposit information (For permanent accounts)
    • Information on the last bill issued (For permanent accounts)
    • Billing details for the last 6 terms (For permanent accounts)
  • The information of each SIM card includes:
    • SIM card status
    • Remaining credit limit, account balance, debt, performance, payable amount
    • The remaining amount of purchased packages
    • SIM card credit information
    • Show personal unlock code (PUK)
    • Details of the last 15 payments
  • Advanced bill payment
    • Purchase a group internet package
    • Creating different groups and select group manager to manage payments
    • Modify or delete created groups
    • View the added numbers to each group and add a new number
  • APN management
    • View the activated APNs for each SIM card
    • View APN details for each SIM card
  • Multi- user account
    • View the list of all head branches
    • Apply multi- user accounts settings, based on head branches
    • The possibility of purchase common packages for each head branch
    • Receiving of common packages purchasing invoices
    • View the details of purchased common packages
    • Determining the consumption limit for each sub-branch or all sub- branches
    • Sharing Riyal account
    • Add sub- branches
    • Download sub- branch details in CSV format
  • Purchasing Internet packages for available SIM cards
  • The possibility of receiving an invoice / receipt for the purchase of internet packages
  • Downloading an invoice / receipt for the purchase of internet packages
  • View the purchase history of internet package
  • Following up requests and reviewing them
  • Easy access to the social platforms of the enterprise business unit


  • Because of the possibility of applying changes to the entire SIM cards, only the case manager and the account manager are able to enter the program.
  • You can download it by searching the phrase “My Business Irancell” in SibApp, Google Play, Bazar and Myket.
  • To log in to My Irancell (Enterprise), you need the file manage or account manager number and password.
  • You will be able to receive the password in three ways:
    • Send an email to for receiving a password
    • Sending a one-time password (OTP) to the entered mobile number (which can only be the group manager's number or the account manager's number)
    • Sending a one-time password (OTP) to the email address that registered in the profile
  • No. The account manager is only able to view and manage the SIM cards of his subordinate employees.
  • Yes. In case of purchasing an additional package or a common internet package, the purchase invoice or receipt will be emailed to the person who purchased the package (case manager or account manager).
  • Invoices will be sent to the e-mail address of the buyer (case manager or account manager) and it will be visible in the purchase history of the additional package up to 30 minutes later. Also, in the history menu, you will be able to view your purchases of the last 15 days.
  • Yes. You can enter the intended person's email address when purchasing the internet package.