Irancell integrated video surveillance service (coming soon)



About the service

In this solution, the bandwidth is adjusted automatically based on the quality of the signals received. This helps keep the minimum required bandwidth to maintain the highest possible image quality for the customers. Using this service considerably lowers the costs of image transfer from surveillance cameras as videos are transmitted with the highest quality and lowest traffic consumption.

It helps you transmit your video feeds from cameras within the range of Irancell coverage to your monitoring centers 24/7, and enjoy constant supervision and high-quality images.

Use of this solution for advanced surveillance cameras provides users with constant, stable, and secure monitoring. As advanced algorithms are implemented to optimize the bandwidth required by cameras, images can be transmitted in small sizes, with no interruption and high security.


Features and benefits

  • Easy and fast setup
  • Viewing images using the dedicated desktop application
  • Automatic bandwidth adjustment (bitrate adaptive)
  • Smart control of jitter and latency in case either occurs on the access network
  • Viewing images regardless of the brand and technology used in the CCTV
  • Centralized management of user accounts including defining the users, setting access level, and viewing activity logs.
  • Using secure private data network withing Irancell coverage span to transmit images independent of the Internet network, especially in areas where access to other transmission tools is not possible or is difficult, time consuming, and costly.