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Irancell Enterprise Business sponsored the first “Digital Mining Conference and Exhibition”

Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions sponsored Tehran’s first Digital Mining Conference and Exhibition.

In addition to the fourth industrial revolution, the spread of the Internet, and the increasing use of emerging technologies in many industries, other long-standing industries are also moving towards digitalization, smarter and more innovative operations. Meanwhile, sectors such as the mining industry have not been left behind, and they have now begun the process of intelligently transforming their work processes in line with sustainable mining, and replacing old and traditional mining with green mining as part of their work processes.

There are several advantages to digital mining, including the reduction of risks, the creation of a safe working environment, the reduction of costs, the increase in production, efficiency, and productivity, which is designed to enhance network interoperability and analysis suitable for mining programs, and to address some of the key challenges associated with mining, including information security and privacy protection, harsh and contaminated environments.

Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions has always excelled at implementing the smartification of industries, and it participated as a special sponsor of the first digital mining exhibition and conference in order to implement digital transformation.

Taking place from 12th to 14th September 2022 (Shahrivar 21-23,1401), Donya-e-Eqtesad conference was held in Tehran at the Olympic Hotel to introduce leading companies and startups in the mining industry, training on digital mining concepts and preparations, and the application of new technologies in the mining industry.

To find out more about Digital Mining Conferences and Exhibition, click here.

: Digital Mining Conferences and Exhibition

Digital Mining Conference Overview

  • Reviewing the Latest Transformations in the Digital Mining Industry around the World
  • Studying the Digital Mining Infrastructures in Iran
  • Investment Justification; the Potential Effects of Digitalization and Minimizing the Implementation Cost
  • Industry 4.0: Embedding Digital Instruments into the Current Production System
  • Creating Digital Innovation Centers in Industry and Requirements of Developing Knowledge-based Ecosystem in Intelligent Mining
  • Digital Instruments to Manage Issues of Explorations & Mines
  • Digital Technologies for Monitoring and Safety of Mine
  • The Role of Digital Transformation in Repairing and Maintenance of Mining Equipment and types of machinery
  • Experiences Transfer & Creating a Stable Communication between the Activists of the Two Fields of Digital & Mines

A Brief Report Of Irancell's Booth At The Digital Mining Exhibition


With the presence of prominent managers and experts from the mining industry, the first specialized Digital Mining Exhibition was opened. Dr. Rasool Saraiyan, Managing Director of Sima Atron Company and Head of Hodhod Imidro Project, Mr.Mehdi Karbasian, former Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, Mr.Omid Asghari, Secretary of Digital Mining Conference, Director of Unidro Institute and Tehran University Faculty member, Mr.Soroush Foladchi, Director The knowledge development unit of Donya-e-Eqtesad Media Group and Mr.Alireza Bakhtiari, the director of Donya-e-Eqtesad Media Group, visited Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions booth at the Digital Mining Exhibition and got acquainted with Irancell’s integrated and exclusive smart solutions to solve the challenges of the mining industry.

MTN Keynote Speaker at Digital Mining Conference


Digital Mining Conference keynote speaker, Mr.Sudipto Moitra, General Manager of ICT Business of MTN Group’s Enterprise in South Africa, presented an online presentation on “The Role of 5G and the Internet of Things in the Mining Industry” on the first day of the conference which was held in the international hall of the Olympic Hotel in Tehran.

This lecture was presented online and focused on the following topics:

  • Analyzing the challenges of the mining industry
  • Digital transformation in the mining industry
  • Smartification of mines to increase productivity and reduce risk
  • Future programs using the 5G digital ecosystem
  • Review of private wireless network ecosystem and architecture
  • Creating common values ​​among industry players

Holding The First Specialized panel In The Field Of Mining Industry

This exhibition was preceded by a specialized panel in the field of mining on the first day, entitled “The role of emerging technologies of the fourth industrial revolution in chain management and corporate performance in the mining industry,” in which Mr.Mohsen Yousefpour, General Manager of Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions, attended at the international hall of the Olympic Hotel in Tehran.

The First Roundtable In Mining Industry

As part of his speech, he stressed the importance of creating a solution-based enabling technology, in addition to integrating communication infrastructures for digital transformation, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cyber security. Furthermore, these integrated solutions can be used to bridge the gap between the mining, industry, and information technology sectors.

Moreover, he stated: “Working with traditional methods and supplying products through the previous method is incompatible with the digital economy, and organizations that do not adapt to the digital transformation will inevitably fail.”


Regarding Irancell’s role in providing 5G internet to mines, he said, “We can activate the 5th generation mobile phone network in the development of digital mining to achieve smart mining.” In addition to operating the first 5th generation mobile phone network site in Isfahan’s largest steel plant, Mobarakeh Steel Company has completed all the necessary technical preparations for creating a dedicated network in industrial areas, especially mines.

Knowledge-Based Companies Are Supported By Irancell At The Digital Mining Exhibition!

The importance of using modern technologies and the development of digital mining was the driving force behind Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions participating in this exhibition to improve planning and implementation of the maximum absorption of ideas, startups, and knowledge-based companies, along with other activists in this field, such as the Vice President for Science and Technology, Innovation and Prosperity Fund, Fanap Infrastructure, Unidro Institute, Imidro, Hundred Startups, Creative House and Salim Innovation. The key objective of this conference was to gather the insights of industry activists and use specialized expertise of each unit in order to achieve a comprehensive document to move towards the smartification of mining industries while preventing additional costs.

More than 80 mining and technology companies participated in this conference to gain capital, develop products, or expand markets. As a result, Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions sees it as its duty to assist knowledge-based companies that have reached the final evaluation stage in five sectors: investment, support and regulation, facilities, infrastructure, and market development.


Conducting A Training Workshop On Connected Mining

By holding a specialized and targeted training workshop titled “ Connected Mine ” in the field of digital mining on on the last day of the exhibition, Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions helped businesses in the mining industry navigate the digital transformation journey. The key points of this workshop were as follows:

The contents of this workshop were as follows:

  • Major challenges in the field of mining
  • The main drivers for moving towards smart mining
  • The role of the 5th generation mobile network (5G) in digital mining
  • Irancell’s new services in the field of smart mining



Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions supported and participated in this unprecedented exhibition on September 12-14, providing the most up-to-date technologies in the world and offering services such as Cloud Infrastructures, Smart Fleet Management Systems (FMS), Integrated video surveillance service (VSaaS) and Walkeh (Push to talk Over Cellular service).

To find out more about this service, visit Irancell’s Enterprise Solutions website or contact

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Irancell Enterprise Business sponsored the first “Digital Mining Conference and Exhibition”

Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions sponsored Tehran’s first Digital Mining Conference and Exhibition.

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