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The Second “Technological Event of Future Cars” Was Held in Cooperation With Irancell!

The technological event of Future Cars was organized by Saipa Group in cooperation with Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions.

As part of the year known as production, knowledge-based, and job-creation, the Saipa Automotive Industry Research and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the Automotive group at the Advanced Transportation Headquarters of the Vice President for Science and Technology, Irancell and the presence of other knowledge-based and competent companies in the automotive industry, organized the second “Future Cars Technological Event” by holding a conference and exhibition.


The press conference of this event was held on Wednesday, October 20, 2022, with the presence of Dr.Shahryar Zeini, the director of the large-scale plans of the headquarters, development of space and advanced transportation technologies of the presidential deputy for science and technology,Mr. Hamed Samani, the deputy design director of the Saipa Research Center, and Mr.Mohsen Yousefpour, General Manager of Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions. Science and Technology Presidential Office hosted the event.

A primary focus of this event was to meet the technological needs related to “electric, hybrid, and connected cars” as well as “vehicle testing infrastructure and equipment”. The event provided an opportunity for knowledge-based companies to showcase their scientific and specialized capabilities and meet the technological needs of the Saipa Research and Innovation Center. As part of the discussion, various issues related to future car advancements and technology were raised and opinions were exchanged about the ways and possibility of implementing each of them. Some of the issues were as follows:

  • Designing and manufacturing affordable electric and hybrid cars
  • Designing and manufacturing parts and modules for electric and hybrid cars
  • Designing and manufacturing advanced driver assistance systems
  • Development of connected car technologies, infrastructure, and components
  • Designing vehicle test equipment and infrastructure
  • Charging stations for electric cars and motorcycles

An Overview of The Second Technological Event For Future Cars

The second technological event of future cars was held in cooperation with Irancell Enterprise Business solutions on 25 October 2022 with a speech by Mr. Shahab Azabi, CEO of the Center for Research and Innovation of Automotive Industries, with the presence of Dr. Manteghi the deputy of the Transport and industrials Ministry (known as SAMT) and associate principle of headquarters of spatial technology development and advanced transportation of presidential deputy for science and technology,Mr. Teymoori the CEO of SAIPA Co., and Mr. Khatibi the CEO of IRANKHODRO, and a notable group automobile industry community activists and journalists.

As part of this event, Irancell and affiliated knowledge-based companies unveiled the book “Connected Cars, Final Destination”.

Irancell’s connected car service of Enterprise Business solutions was officially introduced at the second technological event of the future cars with the unveiling of the “Connected Shahin” car, a new product from Saipa Automative Group. In terms of features, the car sends location information, communicates with rescue centers in case of an emergency, sends a diagnostic report to the monitoring server, and informs the user of the results.


At the unveiling ceremony of this car, a memorandum of cooperation was also signed in the field of connected cars by Irancell, the headquarters of the development of space and advanced transportation technologies of the Scientific and Technological Vice President, and the Saipa Automotive Industry Research and Innovation Center.

This memorandum was signed by Dr. Manouchehr Manteghi, Secretary, and Dr. Shahriar Zeini,

the director of the large-scale plans of the headquarters of the development of space and advanced transportation technologies of the Presidential Office for Science and Technology,

Mr. Mohammad Ali Teimuri, CEO of Saipa Automotive Group, Mr. Shahin Azabi, CEO of the Automotive Industries Research and Innovation Center of SAIPA and Mr. Mohsen Yousefpour, General Manager of Irancell’s  Enterprise Business Solutions. According to this agreement, specifically, the three parties will enhance their level of cooperation and joint interaction to “develop the necessary infrastructure, upgrade technologies, and develop an ecosystem for connected cars”.

The Presence of Irancell at The Second Technological Exhibition of Future Cars


This event was followed by the second technological exhibition of future cars, at which various well-known companies in the automobile industry showcased their knowledge-based products.

Irancell   Enterprise Business solutions also unveiled its Connected Car solution in its booth.

The main advantages and features of Irancell’s connected car services include connecting to other cars, monitoring the vehicle’s technical problems and solving them remotely through the tracking system, the ability to activate or deactivate some settings remotely, the possibility of registering orders, planning for travel and access to facilities such as hotel reservations, registering traffic violations, the option of sending messages, and the possibility of checking car damage for insurance companies.

During the second day of the event, Irancell  Enterprise Business solutions participated in a question and answer session regarding the presentation of Irancell’s Connected Car capabilities, and it also introduced other services offered by Irancell  Enterprise Business solutions for the automotive industry as well as reviewing the advantages and possibilities of this service.

It should be noted that various Q&A panels were held on the 25th and 26th of October 2022 at the conference venue in various fields such as presenting requirements related to EV, presenting requirements related to Hybrid cars, and presenting capabilities related to ADAS with the presence of knowledge-based and competen tcompanies of the automotive and related industries.



Irancell, the first provider of  5 G and the record holder for the speed and number of fifth-generation sites in Iran has now unveiled its connected car service and is ready to cooperate with other businesses in this field. Different factors such as several years of experience in the field of smart fleet management, the unique experiences of cooperation with large companies such as Mobarakeh Steel Company, (which utilizes the Smart Fleet Management system of Irancell’s  Enterprise Business solutions in the field of Smart logistics, as well as Slag Transportation monitoring, heavy transportation monitoring, etc.) have contributed to Irancell’s success.

To find out more about this service, visit Irancell’s Enterprise Solutions website or contact us via

You can also visit our website to learn more about other services of Irancell’s Enterprise Business solutions.

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