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Investigating the challenges and opportunities of connected cars at the second Irancell Tech Talk

What happened at the second Irancell Tech Talk in “Connected Cars, Technological Challenges, and Knowledge-Based Opportunities”?

Conversation and also information sharing have always played a significant role in the spread of knowledge and its transmission to others, but the process of knowledge transfer has also altered dramatically in the era of digital transformation. Many seminars, conferences, and talks on new technologies are held throughout the world these days, providing a better venue for instantly disseminating information in the field of technology. The wonderful aspect about these sorts of events is that the information is widely available. These events are no longer tied to a certain location and time, but are offered live and recorded by audiences who are unable to attend in person via digital platforms.

Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions hosts a series of technology-based talks titled Irancell Tech Talk in response to the changing demands of individuals interested in technology and digital transformation. These events aim to impart information and experience from industry professionals, researchers, and specialists to startup audiences and knowledge-based businesses.

On March 12, 2022, the inaugural Tech Talk, themed “Digital Transformation and its Opportunities for Startups,” was delivered. The second Irancell Tech Talk event, headlined “Connected cars, Technological Challenges, and Knowledge-Based Opportunities,” was performed on Saturday, May 28, 2022, from 4 to 6 PM at Irancell labs and was live broadcasted on Irancell IPTV, Lenz.

In the following, we will review the nuances of this event.

Irancell Tech Talk on connected cars at a glance

Nowadays, the connected car is one of the trendiest issues in the world of technology. Large and well-known automakers, such as BMW and Audi, have long employed this technology to increase efficiency and user experience in their cars. Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions, in order to move align with global technological movements and also to improve the level of performance of domestic organizations, unveiled the connected car service this year at the International Car Exhibition with the aim of expanding talks and knowledge within the Iranian business environment. As a result, it was agreed to devote the second Tech talk to this topic.

More information about Irancell’s connected cars service may be found here:

Unveiling of Irancell’s connected cars at the 4thTehran International Car Exhibition

Among the renowned figures in the fields of technology and business who attended this meeting were the following:

  • Mohsen Yousefpour | General Manager of Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions
  • Mohammad Khalaj | CEO of Snapp
  • Adel Dameshghi | Manager of EV & infrastructure Development Center at MAPNA Electric & Control, Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (MECO).
  • Alireza Farhadi | Faculty member of Sharif University of Technology
  • Mohammadmehdi Shiran | CEO at Dolphin Spadana
  • Amir Chekini | Member of Board & CEO of Irancell Labs

They convened to address important issues concerning connected cars, according to the headlines of the event. These subjects will be covered in more detail below.


The headlines of “Connected Car, Technological Challenges and Knowledge-Based Opportunities”

One of the goals of this event was to thoroughly investigate the issue of connected cars, particularly their role and significance in our country’s economic environment. For this reason, a wide spectrum of issues related to this technology are included in the topics. Consider the following headlines:

  • Investigating mega trends in the field of connected cars
  • Explaining the technological challenges regarding connected cars
  • Understanding experiences and challenges of this technology in Iran
  • Identifying the digital operator’s role and position in the development of the connected car ecosystem
  • Evaluating the current conditions and capacity for implementing connected car solutions
  • Providing opportunities for knowledge-based businesses to collaborate with experts in the field.

Find out more about the connected cars here:

Connected cars, a recent breakthrough in the automotive industry

Topics raised at the Tech Talk on Connected Cars


Each of the specialists and experts in attendance addressed a specific topic in the realm of automobiles and offered their insights and goals in this regard. We will now go over the numerous topics presented in this talk.

The event commenced with remarks by Alireza Farhadi on the world’s mega trends in the field of connected cars. He also discussed the infrastructure required, the benefits of connected cars, and the obstacles that lie ahead. During the talk, the following issues were raised.


SNAPP organizational vision for hiring connected cars

Mohammad Khalaj then addressed the challenges of smart transportation and the company’s plan to overcome these problems. “The SNAP application is being developed with features related to boosting safety and real time monitoring of journey, which are among major purposes in developing connected cars, and in the near future, speeding, sudden deviation, etc. will be monitored in order to improve passenger safety and comfort”, he added.


The role of operators in the development of connected cars from the General Manager of Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions point of view

Mohsen Yousefpour, General Manager of Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions, stated the following on the importance of operators in providing the infrastructure required for the deployment of connected car technology: “The connected car is a new ecosystem in which all stakeholders must collaborate. Operators are key players in this ecosystem because they may supply networks and facilities to other entities in a specific location.”

“As operators, we attempt to establish the circumstances for stakeholders and other parties to collaborate to develop the connected automobile ecosystem. For this, Irancell has developed a connected car research center in the Irancell Labs complex”, he continued.

“Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions aims to apply the concept of connected cars in a range of forms and industries, including commercial cars in the steel industries and distribution companies. At present, approximately 20,000 cars in various sectors of the transportation industry, ranging from heavy trucks in the steel industry to vehicles on urban roads, actively employ the services of Irancell connected cars”, he proceeded.

Read more:

Connected cars are transforming the way enterprises do business in the global transportation industry.

Mapna Company’s (Meco) objectives and plans in the field of connected cars

Dr. Adel Dameshghi explained why Mapna (Meco) is present in the electric and connected car sector of the exhibition. According to him, Mapna (Meco) follows two goals while expanding its operations in this field:

  • Completing the company’s value chain as the primary participant in electricity supply.
  • Directing electricity consumption in clean transportation

He also stated that the company incorporates plans for the technological growth of the electric car industry, as well as collaboration with Irancell in the development of the connected car ecosystem.


The necessity of expanding information regarding connected cars

Mohammad Mehdi Shiran agreed that increasing public knowledge about connected car technology is by far the most important component in leveraging the industry’s capacities, emphasizing the need of automotive manufacturers to outline services that may be supplied in connected cars.

The opening of the connected car research center


Dr. Amir Chekini, CEO of Irancell Labs, announced at this event that the “Connected Cars Research Center” would be inaugurated shortly with the collaboration of Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions and the support of Dr. Bijan Abbasi-Arend, CEO of Irancell.

He also mentioned that Irancell Labs is keen to collaborate with academic institutions and prominent automotive corporations in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Monitoring new innovations in the field of connected cars
  • Exploring international experiences
  • Contributing to the development of standards and guidelines

Calls for collaboration and partnership with startups and knowledge-based enterprises in the development of connected car-related technologies are among the center’s other initiatives.


Last but not least, daily news and information may be received instantly from anywhere in the world at a time when knowledge acquisition is not confined to a certain time and location. Meanwhile, Tech Talk Irancell, as part of the country’s largest digital operator, allows you to get the most up-to-date information in the world as rapidly as possible.

With the help of prominent Iranian enterprises, as well as Irancell Innovation Center and Tech Talk, Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions is also attempting to present you with the most recent technological breakthroughs. Undoubtedly, Irancell connected car is also one of the most important products of Enterprise Business Solutions, and learning more about it may assist businesses in achieving digital transformation.

Of course, this provides a broad array of advanced services to enterprises, and the Irancell Enterprise Business Solutions website is a good place to start.

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