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About the service

This solution is inclusive of all tools that can be used for integrated and automated implementation of software processes based on the features of cloud infrastructure (IaaS). This platform offers a computational environment for complete development of applied cloud-based software so that all software developers can easily carry out the processes of production, development, implementation, and management of applied software.

Just like IaaS, Irancell PaaS includes servers, containers, and object- and network-based environments. Besides having all the features of IaaS, the PaaS incorporates all integration and communication processes, development tools, DBMS, and BIS.

In the platform model offered as a service, developers and owners of software products and content management systems are provided with all tools required for development and presentation of an applied software. The tools are based on the facilities of Irancell IaaS and its add-ons along with integrated OSs and development environments, code automation, and cloud-based software processes.



Benefits and possibilities

Automated scalability

Easy design of development environments

Test and implementation of applications

Quick setup of clustered applications

Supporting micro-service architecture as well as traditional applications

Using integrated CI and CD tools for automation

Management and monitoring of software and host server using a variety of tools

Setting up of a set of ready-to-use applications and content management systems by a single click