Cloud Data Center (Coming soon...)

Computing services are employed on the internet to process organizations’ data. Cloud computing solution is the ideal option for the organizations because of its flexible payment system that is proportional to the usage, and also its accessibility via the internet.


By using cloud computing services, organizations will be able to process their data on the internet. One of the most important functions of this technology is the ability to create new services and develop new software, hosting new websites and weblogs, and also to analyze data and execute (run) the software.

Cloud Data Center: Using Irancell cloud centers enables the organizations to manage their numerous and various private servers according to their need and budget in a multi-tenant and breach-proof environment. They also benefit from the advanced technological features such as virtual network management (Firewall, Load Balancer, Virtual Router, VLAN, …) and choose the “Pay as you go” plan to simply pay for their instantaneous usage with hourly or monthly intervals.

Features and Benefits

  • High flexibility that enables the client to manage the resources in a “Self Service” environment.
  • High End Data Centers of Irancell are able to process and respond to a high volume of demands at any given time.
  • Unlimited Access from all around the world has provided a global coverage for cloud services.
  • Self Service Portal makes it possible to optimize the utilization of the infrastructure by wasting the least amount of time in launching and supporting hardware and IT software.
  • Standard Design of the infrastructure has guaranteed the highest level of service stability for the clients.