Utility Management

Energy consumption automation, as a general approach, requires a constant control and supervision over almost every consumer individually


Energy consumption automation, as a general approach, requires a constant control and supervision over almost every consumer individually. In order to do so, the following components are required:

Energy meters that enable remote controlling through a programmed process that is also modifiable; or meters that enable remote supervision and control over consumption through applying policies and tariffs.
A central system that analyzes data sent from the meters and applies consumption control policies by sending commands to the meter.
Communication infrastructure between meters and the central system: This infrastructure includes all of the network components connecting the meter and the central system that is built over Irancell’s vast network. Considering the importance of optimum water and energy management in Iran, Irancell, with the help of its credible business partners, is equipped to employ its comprehensive smart solutions regarding water, electricity, and gas and also hopes that its efforts in automating water and energy resources consumption prove to be effective.
Measuring and smart controlling of energy consumption will be effective on Irancell’s integrated network, through benefiting from the internet of things. Offering these innovative solutions in securing (supplying) measurement infrastructures and resolving the current issues and challenges by managing consumption and reducing waste will be effective in conserving these valuable resources.

With this solution by Irancell, it will become possible to manage energy consumption at various levels, including production, transmission, and distribution, and also for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential sectors.

Features and benefits

Irancell’s energy and resources management system has proven to be significantly effective in developing e-government services by providing the ability to remotely read and control water and gas meters.

It can also be effective in the following:

  • Energy consumption rate and controlling consumption rate
  • Reducing energy waste, diagnosing energy issues or wastes along the transmission path
  • Improving distribution networks and optimum resource management
  • Identifying damages and issues in energy and water pipelines (identifying violations or tampering along the line)
  • Assistance in surviving and reviving in conflicts
  • Ability of better decision making when problems arise by
  • controlling the operation remotely
  • Improved data gathering speed in measuring electricity, water, and gas consumption
  • Higher efficiency
  • Remote management of the systems and equipment (devices)
  • Optimizing resources in order to be compatible with the
  • increasing demand and help balancing the supply and demand
  • Providing flexibility in consumption tariffs