Mobile Electronic Ticket

NFC in Public/Urban Transportation


With the inevitable growth of the global urbanization, the necessity of an effective and efficient transportation system becomes more and more tangible. One of the areas of improvement for years, has been the shift from traditional/cash payment system to an easier and quicker payment method in public transportation.

NFC technology – in recent years – has proven to be a reliable solution for this issue. NFC (Near Field Communication) is an encrypted radio/wireless communication within range less than 10 centimeters, able to communicate and exchange data with other NFC-enabled/NFC-compatible devices and/or readers., given the current infrastructure deployed in today’s public transportation field, this technology comes with the highest compatibility scale with the infrastructure thereof.

Irancell NFC Sim Card enables passengers to use their cell phones as a means of payment when using the public transportation. After installing the Irancell Mobile Payment application, customers top-up or recharge their accounts to the desired amount so that they can make the transactions in a contactless manner through their phones.

It is estimated that In the near future, paper tickets, plastic cards, and cash will all be replaced by the mobile NFC payments.

Features and benefits


Benefits of NFC for Passengers:

  • No need for carrying different smart cards for the public transportation
  • Easier and quicker payment method for the transportation
  • account top-up/recharge anywhere at any time


Benefits of NFC for the public transportation sector:

  • Lower maintenance costs in terms of vending machines and manual operations
  • Lower costs for printing tickets and distributing smart cards
  • eliminate the need to issue physical/plastic cards for the passengers