Corporate Unified Communication Network: SHAYA

It provides an opportunity for the staff to make video calls and communicate with their colleagues at work anytime, anywhere.


There are many enterprises which have several offices in different regions and it seems it is quite time and energy consuming for the staff to attend meetings in the office. As a result, a lot of time and money is spent as well as the efficiency is being reduced. Irancell Corporate Unified Communication and Virtual Meetings allows the staff to have visual contact with their colleagues at work anytime, anywhere. This service is practical and appropriate in many fields such as commerce, medicine, education, banking affairs, etc.
It can be used to inform the invitees on the meeting date and subject upon sending SMS, email and voice message. Therefore, it helps enterprises to easily hold virtual meetings by forming a virtual meeting room in SHAYA application and inviting anyone they want. This service, provides all the facilities needed to manage the meeting such as entrance and leaving time of each attendee, turn of each attendee to deliver a speech, voting, sharing information, etc.

Features and benefits

  • Features and advantages of Irancell Unified Corporate Communication Network “SHAYA” for your enterprise
  • It can be installed on any operating system;
  • Provides the possibility to hold video conferences across the country;
  • Video quality can be adjusted according to the bandwidth received;
  • It is possible to send text to the attendees during a meeting;
  • Any kinds of contents can be shared;
  • Meetings management is possible.