Cloud Storage (Coming soon...)

A breach-proof environment and the instant access to the data are the features of cloud storage. This solution enables the organizations to store their data on the up-to-date cloud servers.


Cloud storage services are some of the most recent technologies in storing and sharing data. Through this method, data storage and management is conducted in a safe cloud environment. Since the data are stored in the up-to-date cloud servers, users can access the data instantly. Moreover, it is possible to define various levels of accessibility for the users. Companies and organizations can also benefit from the cloud storage services in other organizational software by using API, a coding for the communication between various software, through which they can store various software data in a cloud environment.

Features and benefits

  • Data Security for the organizations is guaranteed by encoding, distributing, and storing the data in multiple, breach-proof, and up-to-date data centers. These organizations also can create a backup file and benefit from the permanent data support.
  • Expandable and Integrated cloud environment the organizations need to store their data is another feature of this service.
  • Cost saving in maintaining and repairing IT equipment leads to a significant cut in operational costs.
  • Backup Files are created by employing special software to create smart backups.