Irancell Smart City Solution

Cities nowadays have a major influence on social and economic growth of societies.


Cities nowadays have a major influence on social and economic growth of societies. By the constant growth of cities and their population, the municipal challenges have been attracted attention even more than before. These challenges include various aspects such as traffic management, disaster management, parking management, municipal services, municipal infrastructures, optimized utilization of resources, water and air contamination and all other social aspects.

Irancell smart city is one of the IoT based integrated solutions introduced by the Enterprise Business.

It is intended to increase the quality of municipal management systems, increase the vise and real-time decision making, decrease the costs and gain economic benefits, decrease the mal-utilization of energy resources and improve the relation between government and citizens.

Features and benefits

Development of smart city solution results in transparent operation, smart infrastructure management, social and economic growth, develop new jobs, improve the quality of life, real-time diagnose of problems, reduce pollution and traffic issues.

The smart city solution brings the capability to provide smart municipal services in various fields such as transportation, energy management, luminosity management, water consumption management and waste management. These services include:

  • Smart perking
  • Smart luminosity management
  • Water consumption management
  • Smart irrigation
  • Waste management
  • Water quality measurement
  • Rain parameters management
  • Air quality management
  • Nosie management

The sections provided in smart city solution are:

1- Smart City sensors and devices

These devices are all SIM based and measure various municipal parameters and usually have internal storage to save the measured data. They can also generate alarms and events and transfer them to the smart city platform.

The data which is measured by the smart city sensors are:

  • Data related to water flow: water height in pipes, water flow, water temperature in pipes
  • Municipal waste: Real-Time information on the fill level (%) of containers, Information about height, temperature, vibration (recollected by truck) and battery
  • meteorological parameters: wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and precipitation rate
  • Air quality parameters: Detection of the pollution degree, Control of harmful gases
  • Real-time information on available parking spots
  • Continuous measurement of rainfall data: real time information and analysis of rain fall data and atmospheric temperature
  • Water quality parameters: Detection of water pollutants
  • real time data of luminous flux and changes in light intensity
  • environmental parameters: intensity of ambient sound and noise
  • Soil moisture

2- Smart City Platform

An efficient and reliable platform is one of the major requirements in developing a smart city. This platform is able to collect all municipal data for further monitoring and analysis and would provide the municipal managers with real time information about various measurable parameters in city and let them make effective decisions. This is a web based portal which is able to demonstrate the collected data with different formats and shapes. Besides, the portal has the capability of analyzing, generating reports, defining various events, analyzing and managing them and producing related alarms.