SMS Learning and Mobile software systems are the three core products introduced in this plan, which have been designed comprehensively and in an integrated form. The Organizational Learning Management system is another service provided to organizations by Irancell’s EB division.


From the view of business and job trainings, the informal trainings are the best and most popular training method for employees in every guild and in every level of knowledge; for they can access to the short-term applicable efficient trainings according to their needs with the least cost in every time and place. They can also access to the training materials selectively.

The online virtual training system, SMS training system and mobile software are the three core products introduced in this plan, which have been designed comprehensively and in an integrated form. These three products are supported by a powerful content management system concluding training content examined by relevant authorities. Among these authorities are e-Commerce Development Center (e-NAMAD), IT and Digital Media Center of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (organizing Internet websites), Technical and Vocational Training Organization, etc.

In other words, these four products result in creating a complete and comprehensive training hub, which enables covering all educational organizations such as formal trainings (schools, higher education institutes and universities) and informal trainings. Irancell’s Organizational Training Management System includes different training departments for developing informal trainings. Training courses are categorized in this department. Every department has a supervisor who monitors the provided courses. Each training course has one or more instructors and is held in several sessions. Testing is possible during each session. In these courses, the presence and participation of students are recorded.

At the end of each course, the user’s report and performance are provided to him/her. User’s qualification for receiving the final certificate will be determined according to instructor’s decision. The issued certificates can be inquired via the system, and students’ certificates will be issued and sent to them based on the issuer’s place. Also it is possible to issue certificates through Internet.

Features and benefits

Advantages and features of Irancell’s Organizational Training Management System for your business:

  • Trainee’s independence of specific time and place
  • Avoiding transportation excess costs, specially to decent centers far from home
  • Being informed of attendance in training courses on-time
  • Knowing the training provided in whole country for the purpose of providing equal services
  • Low costs for provision of training services via value added services of Voice, SMS, and Data
  • Being informed of stages and process for beginning till the end of the test
  • The option to track the process of printing until receipt of the applicants’ skill certificates
  • Provision of combined trainings via SMS and website (video Conference, Internet, Mobile Apps, etc.)
  • The option to hold survey on service provision in order to improve the training structure, testing and other processes
  • Provision of continuous and target-based trainings in accordance with every individual’s needs, whether employed, housekeeper, student, etc.
  • Provision of seasonal trainings in the field of seasonal jobs.
  • Agility in defining and providing special training courses.