Interactive Message

Send message like pop up


The interactive message service consists of a promotional message pop-up notifying on the mobile contact screen. It is possible to design a specific menu and provide different options and subcategories for customers. So customers can respond to the interactive message and choose their required service.

Applicant organizations can define different scenarios, including options, sub-menus, and types of operations to respond to customer’s choices. The selection of each option from the customer, can be followed by one of the following processes:

  • Navigate the user to next sub-menu
  • Navigate the user to a specific URL
  • Send a message to subscriber
  • Opening a USSD menu

Features and benefits

  • Ability to navigate the contacts to the website pages or download the application
  • Ability to get reports from answers, selections and contact
  • interactions with a sent smart message and How to use them from
  • different menus of this message
  • It will be possible for subscribers to store the received smart
  • message in their SIM card memory if they wish.