Enterprise Wi-Fi

This service provides customers with high speed Internet services through Wi-Fi while being in their company premises.


Irancell Enterprise Wi-Fi is a service offered to organizations, companies and service providers whose premises are constantly visited by natural persons and legal entities so that their customers will be able to stay connected to and use high speed Internet services through Wi-Fi. So, once the related equipment are installed in the applicant’s business location, the area will be under Irancell’s wireless network coverage and also the company’s customers can use that Wi-Fi by entering the username and password they receive in an SMS upon their request. Enterprise Wi-Fi is also a suitable service for hotels, hospitals, restaurants and shopping centers that wish to equip their business area with Internet coverage so as to provide added value for their customers. Moreover, applicant enterprises are able to purchase mass data traffic and sell various Internet packages to their customers. Business owners and companies located in such centers are also able to use the service by obtaining an enterprise subscription.

Features and benefits

Features and advantages of Irancell Enterprise Wi-Fi for your business:

Providing the service to users of all mobile operators with identification capability via SIM Card; providing the service to enterprises;
Creating various packages for users;
Providing Wi-Fi service with limited data traffic free of charge at locations requested by the enterprise;
Advertising through Wi-Fi service.