Start of call message

Show your advertising message as a Pop-Up notification


Start of call message (SOC) service is one of the viable and interesting advertisement tools of Irancell, in this service advertisement messages appears in costumer’s mobile display while he trying to call someone.
Businesses with utilizing this service can display their specific ads on targeted costumer’s mobile display to communicate events and promote products.
In this service when targeted costumers located in specific locations, ads will be displayed on their mobile phone while they trying to make phone call. Also Irancell’s costumers with dialing *136# and informing their favorite subject can receive appropriate ads.

Features and benefits

  • Capability of costumer assortment and sending ads to the targeted costumer in the right time and the right location
  • Accessing to exclusive panel with capability of defining several campaigns
  • Defining advertising program duo to manner and desire of the costumer
  • Define and distribute discount coupons based on costumer location