Irancell TD-LTE

TD-LTE is the latest fixed internet generation in Iran that not only offers higher speed compared to previous generations, but also more stability in uploading and downloading.


Irancell Telecommunications Services Company has been the first to offer the fastest and latest Fixed 4G internet to businesses and organizations in Iran. This could be a more economical yet better alternative solution for SMEs, when compared to previous technologies, such as ADSL. Moreover, if the quality or the cost of the ADSL or WiMax services do not meet your organization’s standards, TD-LTE might be the best available choice. The technology that is employed in this service is similar to those used in LTE, but the higher bandwidth makes TD-LTE stand out.

Features and benefits

Features and advantages of Irancell TD-LTE:

  • More stability in uploading and downloading
  • Vast coverage in lots of cities, including capitals of provinces
  • Providing secure APN/VPN network services
  • Preferred-priced SIM Cards under the organization’s ownership
  • SIM Card dependent modems
  • Providing higher speed internet services compared to WiMax
  • No landline needed
  • Portable modem as an advantage over ADSL
  • Fast and easy activation
  • Various and economical service packages based on your need
  • Exclusive 24/7 support/call center for businesses and organizations
  • Providing shared account and normal account Boltons
  • Providing advance top up and CGA to manage SIM cards threshold