Multimedia Messaging Service.

Multimedia Messaging Service

.All in One via Irancell MMS!

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) offered by Irancell for the first time in Iran, enables you to send emails, long texts and pictures as well as music to other Irancell subscribers.

Using Long Message option in MMS, you are no longer limited to 160 characters and can easily send a long text in one message. As long as the size of each message including pictures, audio files or texts is less than 300KB it is considered as one message .
The tariff for sending messages will be 19.9 Tomans for prepaid and postpaid users.

How to buy and use
MMS, only three steps away!
  • Having an MMS Compatible Handset
  • You can refer to one of the authorized Irancell dealers with your valid ID card and a copy of them, fill in the relevant form and submit your request.
  • Deliver to the authorized dealer of Irancell, the form together with a copy of your identification documents on which you have written your Irancell mobile phone number.
  • Once you received the configurations SMS, you only need to open and then save it. If you haven’t received or saved the configurations SMS, dial *555*4*1# from your Irancell line.

Upon activation of MMS, you can send MMS to other Irancell subscribers.

If the receiving handset is not MMS compatible, a web address will be sent to the receiving handset along with a password so that the receiver can see the message via internet.

Furthermore, Irancell subscribers can send an MMS directly to the receiver's email address.


Using SMS, you can only send text messages with each SMS up to 160 characters; while with MMS you can send text, image and video files all in one message for at most 300 Kilo bites.

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